10 things my children do to make me well up

I didn’t used to tear up at adverts – now I’m a blubbering wreck

I wasn’t cold as ice before having kids but I didn’t used to well up at adverts on television (even the John Lewis Christmas ads didn’t crack me!).

Now with two kids, anything can get to me and it hits without warning. The latest one is the Pampers advert featuring the premature baby and the slow version of “I’m coming home”. I always get emotional when the tiny baby is stretching, because my youngest looks so similar when waking up. It makes me so thankful for what I have and so impressed at the work hospitals do with saving premmies.

Day to day life with two kids can be filled with very stressful situations as they both vie for my attention. Some days I’m tearing my hair out as I’m trying to cook dinner while toddler screams she’s done a poo and baby is crying because she’s rolled under the coffee table again.

But there are huge highs as well. And sometimes the emotion just overwhelms me and my eyes fill up.

These are the moments that make me well up:

My daughter singing to me
I was driving my kids home the other day when my toddler gave me an impromptu rendition of “You Are My Sunshine”. She sang it so beautifully and sweetly, with her soft little voice, that I nearly started bawling behind the wheel.

My baby touching my face
Now my little girl is reaching out to grab everything it can be like cuddling an octopus sometimes. But there are moments when she pauses for a little bit and reaches out to touch my face with her chubby little hand. She’s got a cute little curious look on her face and I just melt. The moment is normally broken when she removes the chubby little hand then repeatedly whacks me with it. It’s still cute though.

Watching how my baby smiles at her sister
Whenever my toddler enters her line of vision my baby’s face lights up. She repeatedly thumps her legs down on the floor in excitement. She then stares at whatever my toddler is up to with a look of wonder. Soon though just looking isn’t enough and now she’s mobile, she rolls over to get closer to her sister. Then she reaches out to grab whatever my toddler is playing with. Cue epic meltdown with toddler yelling “no, that’s miiiiiiine”.

When my toddler finds a toy she thinks her sister will like
Sometimes after the dust has settled from a toy snatching incident my toddler will dig out a toy she thinks her little sister will like. She hands it to her gently, saying “here you go” in a happy voice. Peace is then restored, for now!

My daughter saying thank you unprompted
I’m keen for my toddler to learn when to say please and thank you. I don’t think anyone is too young to show good manners. The other evening we had just sat down to dinner and she turned to me, totally unprompted, and said “thank you for my dinner, mummy”. She hadn’t even taken a bite yet. It was so adorable and I had to hold back the tears.

When my toddler is laughing
I love it when my toddler just lets loose with laughter. It might be because me or her dad is tickling her or she’s dancing around to a song. She’s got that infectious kind of laugh. But it’s once again one of those moments when I’m happy on the inside but it comes out as crying. It makes no sense!

Seeing my toddler enjoy playing with her cousins
My family is extremely close and they’re very important to me. I have a lot of cousins and we spent a great deal of time together when I was growing up. I look back on those family weekends with a lot of fond memories. I’m glad my older brother has three kids, all primary school age, for my two to play with. I thought they would find my toddler boring at this age, as she can’t run as fast as them or play all the sports they want to play. But it’s not the case. They go out of their way to include her and look after her. It’s lovely to see their relationship develop and I hope they will always be there for each other.

My baby giggling and smiling at me
Those first giggles are incredibly precious. We’ve all made countless silly faces in a desperate bid to make our baby laugh. When it happens, it’s amazing. I particularly like it when I see my baby smile at me first thing in the morning. It’s been the same with my toddler since she was born too!

When my toddler locks her arms around my neck for a cuddle
It’s only been the last couple of months that my toddler has started giving me proper cuddles. She used to come up and ask for a cuddle but her arms would just lean on my shoulders or lie at her sides. Now though she properly grips me with her arms, wrapping them around my neck. It’s so lovely. Sometimes I get a little kiss on the nose too.

Just writing these down has me wiping away a few tears. Every day with children is a bit of a rollercoaster. These moments of sheer joy are what make the ups and downs worthwhile.



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